Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Women Empowerment

Hmm okay so I hadn't actually planned on writing anything just yet,but seeming as a certain someone (no names mentioned *Yanfo*) made an obvious point about my empty blog so here goes..
I've never actually done one of these things before so bear with me if it's not exactly what you want it to be.I kinda figured its pretty much the place ,apart from twitter, where I can rant & rave about pretty much anything I like and no-one can complain because you brought yourself here!

Anywhooo, I guess I'll make this brief,after-all we've got beds to go to and I've got lectures tomorrow. Lately on my mind has been 'Women Empowerment'. Why? Because I watched an Oprah show and she was pretty much honoring women earlier in the century who laid the foundations of our current 'freedom',if you want to put it that way. One of them was Billie Jean King, and no it's not Michael Jackson's one.smh.
Now B.J.King thrashed Bobby Riggs in the famous 'Battle of the Sexes' and from there continued her fight against sexism in the sport Tennis. She fought for equal payment for the winning prize and anyway,let me not bore with you details. Basically, we women are an oppressed people and it shouldn't be condoned. Times have changed from our parents generation when women were expected to stay in the kitchen and not build their own careers. We are gradually moving forward in the world with Equal Pay Acts and Sexual Discrimination Acts. Women, we should keep pressing forward to see changes in society.

Ok,I can't carry on multi-tasking (I'm on the phone) so I'll just leave it here. Goodnighttt!

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